Hey y'all,

I’m Jack. I race pro triathlon and am currently a full time MBA student. I reside in Charlotte North Carolina and attend Queens University. Former College runner for Clemson University and always a South Carolina boy at heart. I have been pro since my senior year at Clemson in 2016 when I raced Collegiate Nationals after finishing my cross-country and track career. My running career was a flop, If I’m being completely honest. I was solid in high school and saw nothing but great things for the future. Overuse injuries, and unfortunate circumstance left me with not a lot to hang my hat on after my D1 journey. I still had a hunger, and a burning feeling that I knew within that I could really do something in sport. I took to triathlon like a pig to mud

In high school I swam, and rode competitively so the skillsets just needed to be linked. I was picked up by the USAT CRP development team where I trained and raced full time for 18 months. After that I moved back east and chose to go back to school to get my MBA. I am currently at Queens University McColl School of Business. I will earn my masters and continue to race full time around the world. Stay tuned…